About Tutorial Services

Tutorial Services has been committed to imparting knowledge for more than twenty five years. We use tried and proven educational techniques to instruct children and adults. Our instructors pick up where traditional institutions leave off.  The one-on-one personal focused attention to each learner catapults them to new educational heights.  Crowded classrooms, students of wide ability, and underpaid teachers plague our education system.  Tutorial Services bridges these gaps.  Tutorial Services is founded upon the belief that a learner’s strengths and natural ability need to be fully exploited while all opportunities for growth are simultaneously strengthened.

At Tutorial Services, the learner is seen as an individual, and their natural strengths are identified and built upon.  Our goal is to build confidence, motivation, focus, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.  Tutorial Service instructors share successful strategies with students.  Our friendly, warm, and enthusiastic instructors create a safe and supportive atmosphere for each and every learner.

Tutorial Services offers a number of different learning environments.  Learners can be instructed at their home, in our convenient learning center, and virtually.  Our learning center is clean and quiet, creating an environment that fosters focus.  Tutorial Services strives to create a stress free environment by designing our learning center with comforting colors, comfortable furniture, and a comfortable climate. We make sure distractions are minimized and individualized attention ensures that each learner remains focused.

Our instructors carry cell phones at all times for easy contact by parents or guardians although usage during sessions is strictly prohibited.  We encourage all learners to have cell phones available at all times.

Our staff is fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, French, Italian, German, and Chinese.

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