Welcome to Tutorial Services

Tutorial Services is a team of highly trained educators committed to making great kids even better.  For more than ten years, we have worked tirelessly to improve the community one child at a time.  We are committed to providing the finest education both at our facility and in the comfort of your own home.

The Tutorial Services family of educators works with learners needing strength in reading, writing, listening comprehension, oration, spelling, all levels of mathematics, all levels of science, test taking skills, as well as study and organizational skills for all learners from 4th grade to post graduate students sitting for licensing examinations.  We strive to identify the methods that will inspire, stimulate and connect with each learner. Based on learner progress, we will tailor an individualized approach which ensures success. Our services are not only beneficial for learners in need of support in academic areas, but also for learners looking to advance their education.

Tutorial Services operates from the premise that a successful learner is a happy learner.  Our program is enjoyable for both children and adults.  Learners have so much fun they often forget that they are learning.   We strive to achieve success in every session, fostering confidence with each meeting. 

Tutorial Services endeavors to help each learner acquire the skills needed to learn so that they may achieve success on their own. 

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